(with frozen bananas)

There's this inside joke that when someone chooses to support me they give me frozen bananas. Which honestly, really isn't far from the truth at all. I wouldn't be able to do what I love the most if it wasn't for the support you guys give me. You literally feed me snacks and food by subscribing and donating!

There's many ways you can help support our community! 

You can become my patron with any tier of your choice and in exchange also receive special rewards, like for instance all my original songs, as well as exclusive content.

Twitch offers the ability to subscribe to my channel. By doing so you get rid of ads, can use at least 26 unique emotes and receive a spill badge.

You can also donate any amount you want directly through streamlabs which turns up as an alert if I'm live on stream. (and does without fail always 100% make me gush)

There's a way to send tips directly through paypal to me if you want to just support me extra. It'd go to good stuff like projects and improving stream (and carrots for Pebbles)

And lastly, you can simply buy me a cup of coffee through ko-fi.

(which is a horrible idea for two reasons. 1. I'll get hyperactive. 2. I'll spill it all. Jokes aside though, it would make me very happy.)

We have this idiom in Sweden that I love, which goes like this: "Många bäckar små gör en stor å."

It basically means: little creeks adds up to a big river. Which is why just 1$ ends up doing a difference for me and our community. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the creeks.



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Please note that all tips and donations you make are

not refundable and that you by donating agree to this. 

You also understand that tips are 100% optional and not in exchange of a service.

Thank you for being a part of it all. 

If supporting financially isn't available to you, then know that you help me a lot by your kind comments, time spent watching and sharing videos and streams, hanging in my live chat as well as being my friend.

I don't take anyone of you for granted.

Tenku for allowing me to follow my dream. 

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