"Joy Aileen started out in a rural village using her soft singing voice to express herself when words didn't seem to be enough. Having to rise over challenges that kept knocking her down, she knew she wanted to help others with her music the same way it helped her.

She started uploading original songs to YouTube 2011 and later moved to Twitch in 2018 wanting to create a kind community connecting over video games and music. By combining her love for music with the longing to make people feel loved, at home and happy she found the creative platforms she belonged on and loved to be at the most.

Joy is an artist at the start of her career, she spills water, gushes over cute pets and stares at the night sky when she's not streaming and making music. Appreciated for her original songs about the famous video game: The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim, covers on popular songs as well as for her positive, loving attitude"

Joy Aileen


Pop - Folk - Celtic


North Star

Kairi Chaun




One live cover recorded every single day of March

© 2019 by Joy Aileen


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