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Patreon is a wonderful way to support me and my dreams and at the same time get exclusive content and rewards. Choose the tier that fits you and become a part of the patron family.

About being a patron

Thank you for considering supporting me through patreon

- it really means the world to me. <3

As soon as you pick a tier you instantly get access to our patron only feed where I typically post a few times every week everything from heart to heart posts to up and coming projects. I love to include my patrons into the projects I'm currently working on so I often ask for your inputs and ideas so that you can influence what is to come.


If you chose +5$ tiers you'll be invited to cosy patron-only interactive streams 1-2 times a month. We also now and then hang in VC in discord or watch movies together.

Make sure to join discord if you want to get the full benefits of becoming a patron as you'll access many channels only patrons can see with content and discussions for the patron family only.

There's much more to every tier and you can read more about them if you keep scrolling down from here or on the orange link below.



$1 or more per month - no specific amount of months required

🌀 I'll give you all the original music I upload to my YouTube channel.

🌀 Access in Discord to exclusive patron channels for hanging out, project updates and cosy voice-chatting with the patron family. Grab a beverage of your choice and let's hang out!  

🌀 You get the Pool of Patron title in discord shown separate in the role list above the people subscribed to my Twitch channel.


🌀 VODS that disappear from Twitch after 14 days will be available to you for an unlimited time.


🌀 Access to my Patreon feed! I post photos, updates, exclusive videos and audio files available only for patrons. You can also share thoughts, feelings and photos with me.


🌀 My eteeeernal gratitude and happiness for helping me keep doing what I love the most.

Includes Discord rewards


$5 or more per month - no specific amount of months required

🌀 You get everything level 1$ patron gets!!



🌀 Private interactive streams through Discord. Voice chat to join or lurk in, I share my screen and we hang out very relaxed and laid back, playing whatever is prefered!

🌀 I'll happily add your name in the description box of new videos, thanking you for being my patron and supporting me!


🌀 You get the Waterfall Patron title in Discord. 

$15 or more per month - no specific amount of months required

🌀  You get eeeverything level 1$ and 5$ patrons gets!



🌀 Content from Patron Creative Streams in .png or .jpg and speed drawings from creative streams or off-stream drawing.


🌀 You get access to a Creator only channel in Discord where you can safely post about your work or creative process to get feedback or motivation from me and other creators of the patron family. 


🌀 You get the Creative Turtle title in Discord.

🌀 You support me with a lot more frozen bananas. Tenku.

$50 or more per month - no specific amount of months required

🌀  You get absolutely eeeeeverything level 1$, 5$ and 15$ patrons gets!



🌀 Super Magical Waterbender title in discord.

🌀 Special shoutout on my website for really really really helping me out, supporting me with the highest tier. 

🌀 THE BIGGEST VIRTUAL HUG YOU'VE EVER RECIEVED. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing to support me with a bigger amount of frozen bananas - it means the world and helps me so much.


(Honestly, the extra support means the world! Thank you!)



Big extra hug and thanks to my top tier patrons Cdog and Blackthorn

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